Frequently Asked Questions

Will we always have the same cleaner?

Domiciles Services ensures that the employee is the same person for each service unless they are ill or on annual leave. The service will then be carried out by another representative appointed by us.

How do you plan the day of my service?

Service days are assigned according to the availability of our cleaners. We try to take your preference into account, but we cannot always guarantee this.

Is the time of the service always the same?

We cannot guarantee the time of our services. However, Domiciles Services ensures that the services are provided during the day regardless of daily unforeseen circumstances. 

What products and materials do you use?

Our customer service representative will come to your home during the first visit. They will make a list of your available products and recommend the best products for your surfaces and your needs, for an additional charge.

What do we do if someone is not completely satisfied?

In case of dissatisfaction, we inform you that any complaint must be sent to us in a detailed email after the relevant service. After 24 hours, the request may not be taken into consideration for the purpose of determining the best possible solution to satisfy the requested service.

What steps are required to obtain a tax credit?

Domiciles Services handles all the administrative steps to provide you with the tax deduction certificate every year in April. This 50% deduction of the sums paid is only calculated and remitted after the final payment of the annual fee.